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Are our Civil Liberties and Civil Rights the same thing and the two terms are actually interchangeable?

Resistance to tyranny starts with knowledge...

  The U.S. Constitution only provides one of our rights. The Bill of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution provide the rest.  When the framers of the U.S. Constitution tried to ratify it, the states refused to accept it.  The founding fathers had written it to benefit themselves, the wealthy, not the people.
Why subscribe to CLC? The danger we now face is the most corrupt administration in American history.  They are stripping away or reducing the rights and liberties guaranteed by our founding documents.  Their actions must be revealed.  In the U.S. there is a whole host of news sources and media outlets courtesy of the Internet.  There are also an increasing number of “fake news” sources. From a simple meme that posts on social media to elaborate websites that appear to be legitimate; neither the right nor the left has been the sole target or propagator—it has been a virtual maelstrom of propaganda. CLC brings you clear and concise news and commentary in the MEDIA CENTER, along with a comprehensive list of news sites so you can quickly identify fake news from satire and legitimate sources. Who am I? I am a historian of American and military events, a researcher, and writer.  Using those skills I am able to place the present day into context by looking at the past.  I do not seek truth, that is for philosophers, I seek facts. I have no ratings to control me. I have no corporate or political masters—just a duty to present the facts, convenient or not.  If I can earn your trust, I will do my utmost to never lose it.  My undertaking is too important.
The light in the Old North Church is lit again, it is one lantern, and only one, because the problems we face today came by land, not by sea.  The Liberty Bell is ringing, calling all who would hear...  Civil Liberty’s Call!
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